Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I mailed off De's to her this morning - after we were suppose to work out but ONCE AGAIN...there was no hot water for a shower - So my DH said you can work out if you want I'm it made for a short morning.

I told you I loaded another scrappy top for is is...can you find the cone of thread on it?  I didn't realize I had left it on the top before I quilted it.

So here it is unquilted - 

and here it is finished!

You can see the pattern (once again my new fav. panto) 

Phyllis have the most Yummy fab that she pieces for her backing.  It's like 2 quilts in one!

I'm taking a break today - sort of a recoup day I think I need.  The wind is blowing and If they weren't pounding next door I'd take a nap.  SIGH....  Maybe I'll work on some of my projects.  

Meeting with Phyllis and Lindsay (new customer) on Friday.  I can't wait to see what Phyllis has to say about her two quilts!

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Sandy said...

This one is really beautiful. I like that quilting pattern.