Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honey, I'm home!

I traveled about an hour and found myself in HEAVEN...the Paducah Quilt Show is the mecca for the true to heart quilters.  For four glorious days you can search for that notion you absolutely needed - or the fat quarter that eluded you for months and not to mention the drop dead, most beautiful quilts you ever want to see.  I had a wonderful time on Tuesday for some PRE show shopping with Judy and Roxanne.  Then our class on doing landscapes on Wednesday - where I found I'm landscape challenged...mine didn't look like much.  Even my hubby, who ALWAYS compliments my work....saw it...and nodded his head.  Guess it is worse than I thought.  Thursday met up with my internet friends for lunch and dinner - they are always great to be around and can depend on them for laughs.  I got to spend the night with my favorite APQS representative.  I got to pick Angela's brain for what I was doing wrong.  I guess the main thing I came away with is - I'm not allowed to say I'm new at this quilting stuff - anymore.  Angela has awesome ideas and having a friend and mentor and resource to come to with a question or problem is the absolute best (no aliens in the past inside joke that I'll tell you about someday).  Friday I did the highlights of the quilts and vendors and when I realized my impulse shopping had hit - I decided it was time to head home.  It was wonderful - it really is the best time all year round.  LOVE PADUCAH QUILT SHOW!

My wants, needs and wish list of things I bought

my credit card is limp...will take a while for it to recover.

The APQS book store in the Finkle building was wonderful - as usual

just really neat stuff - to Dusty Farrell's templates to Superior threads to new pantos to a couple of little kits.  I guess I didn't go toooooo over board.

Squiggy LOVES his new extended base...I love it to.  Can't wait to try out the base and the templates.

Here are some minky pieces (big enough) to make some pillow cases for my Budman!

Ok OK I guess I've put off showing the progress on Judy's Embroidered quilt long enough.  She told me to take a couple days off - IF I FELT I HAD TO.  So this morning I got back in gear and worked on the sides of the center row.  I'm getting there...just 2 more rows of blocks and the humongous border to do.   

So what do you think Judy - I believe it's worth more than the $50.00 you offered me.  (inside joke - will explain later)  I think toward the end of this week I'll have this one finished.  I think it is the best one I've ever done.  (OH and Angela couldn't believe I did these over the top feathers with King Tut - she said it was too thick and that I need to use So Fine or Bottom line next time.)

Ok I'm done for the day - I think I need a nap or some ice cream....will let you know which it was.


Angela Huffman said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe how awesome those over the top, formal feathers looked with King Tut. If I did that, they'd look terrible! Yours look FABULOUS!

Shirley J said...

LOL Thanks Angela - but I honestly can't see you doing anything terrible!