Monday, April 23, 2012

Center of Attention

Attention please!  We (aka me) are the the CENTER...or the Center of Attention.  lol

I hope Judy gets to see this before tomorrow.  Tomorrow Judy, Roxanne and I are heading to do a little quilting therapy (aka shopping) in Paducah.  We are hitting the Finkle Building - don't laugh that is the name of the building and in case you don't know WHERE it is - you can say "the PURPLE'' one and then everyone knows where it is.  rofl!  Hancocks for some Steam a Seam for our class on Wed.  and of course LUNCH.  So back to my point.  I hope Judy sees this picture so she can LAVISH attention on me tomorrow!!!  I'm so glad I changed my mind - was going to do a curve around each corner - but after drawing it I thought Nope - so square...and sooo glad I did...check it out!

So if you don't hear from in 5 days - it's ok.  I'm not being held in jail by the quilt police....I did not get abused by saying how much I liked someone's Fat Quarters (not their lower anatomy) AND I did not die and go to heaven - I'm just IN Quilters Heaven - aka The Paducah Quilt Show!  See ya on Saturday.

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