Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off and Running AND update!

My friend Judy - who I pick on all the time...(she loves it - if I didn't pick on her she would think I was mad at her...) FINALLY made up her mind on stencil, feathers, borders, blocks and thread...FINALLY I got to start on it.  and HOLY CRAP....that stencil is something else.  I thought to myself when I go it that there would be no easy way to do this but Geez the things I do for friendship!

So here is the top...

And here is the center block.  The quilt is lovely and I think the quilting will totally MAKE this one!  Of course blue is my favorite color so somehow I might have to just forget I finished it and keep it for myself.  I don't think Judy will mind much...after all she goofed up in several places on this one - so we can just call this her "practice one"...

This is the border.  Her thread matches the dark but so well you can't really see it - but it's 4 sections of feathers - that after you complete ONE you have to cut the thread and start over on the next section.  Can we say "Time Consuming" but then anything for a dear friend.  

These feathers will go in the sashing between the blocks.  
I've not even got TO the blocks yet.  It took me all morning just to do the one border and the one sashing strip.  See how DEAR this friend is to me....

Just another picture of the border and sashing.  OH the things I do for Friendship.  You just have to love Judy...after all you can't bump her off...they don't allow scissors in jail.

After I finished the borders and top sashing I took a break.  Knowing I won't quilt a stitch on it next week I know I have to bust a bun on it.  So I trudged BACK downstairs and did this:


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Anonymous said...

I wish I was as good a friend as
Judy---but my quilt looks wonderful