Monday, April 16, 2012

On to Orca Bay

Hey Sandy - Thanks for your kind comment...but I'm finishing everyone else's stuff and mine - for the retreat is sitting there looking at me - wondering WHEN will it be MY time to be finished....

Yepper - loaded it yesterday - Heard from Frances...she is so sweet!!!  She told me to use the Panto end to end and make it easy on myself.  Now wouldn't you love to have a customer like that!  As soon as we got home this morning (work out a little of this...    some of )

all the while I'm thinking of this:

This is the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter did on Quiltville.  Apparently it isn't new - but Frances thought it was a good time to get it DONE.  And I was happy to oblige her!  I've got it 1/2 done - and most likely will finish it up tomorrow.  Sending Francis an email - I could bring it to our guild meeting tomorrow night.    

Just heard and I SO HAVE TO BRAG!  Our grandson Bud has been accepted for the Governor Scholarship for the Arts Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And he not only got accepted for one - he got TWO!  Drama and Musical Theater!  He has to choose between them!  over 17,000 kids applied for 220 that not a feather in his cap!  I'm so FREAKING proud of him!

This has turned out to be one of the most AWESOME days!

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