Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here comes the bride..........

And she is SMILING!  Dropped off Kady's dress at her Mom & Dad's house - Mom and Sister were still sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Any way - Kady called before and said it fits PERFECTLY!  On Facebook Mom and Sister posted that the dresses were done to perfection...I LOVE satisfied customers!

Continued on into town and met Frances at the library - I picked up her Orca Bay top (pictures tomorrow) and we talked about something different in the border of HST and this and that....gave her a hug - she told me no hurry - and we went on our ways.

I came home and loaded it - and then thought WELL CRAP....I can't do a panto and something else in a border.  I mean - I did I have a brain hiccup or a brain fart?  Have I just started quilting?  I knew better!  So now instead of having a few rows done - I'm sitting and waiting until I hear from Francis.  UGH I'm such a goober!

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Sandy said...

You have been one busy lady lately! I'm glad someone is getting things done! LOL