Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding dress

The alterations for the bride and bridesmaid are completed!!!!!!!!!  Now the bridesmaid dress was returned a week ago - so she could take it home with her to Nashville.  I've not heard anything - in a way I'm afraid to ask.  I finished the petticoat slip this afternoon and pressed everything.  I'll hold my breath until she tries it on.

Tonight I'm taking a break from sewing anything!  Tomorrow we start all over again.  I'm meeting Francis to pick up a top from her.  I'm waiting on Judy to see if I'm going to get her template and if my blue thread is ok.  Other wise I have to wait another week to get to the quilt show and find thread she wants.  So if I have to wait - I'll put Francis ahead and get hers done.  I don't think Judy will mind...seeings how Francis will be completed before the show - and I can hop onto Judy's and work my tail feathers off.  I think I could do it...anyone want to place any bets?

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