Thursday, April 12, 2012

Progress Update

I just checked UPS tracking and Aggie received her I had to laugh the UPS comments under Left at:  "Met Customer Woman"  Obviously they never got to know AGGIE!  rofl!  JK Aggie JK!!!

Wedding dress is done...and as I was picking up stuff on Monday - my hubby asked if I had any trash - and he took out a big bag.  Now I see that those scraps contained the left over of the slip/petticoat material...WHICH I now need.  I swear I never throw out anything BUT when I do is when I'll need it.

Still waiting on Judy's stencil.

Picking up a new one from Francis on Sunday.  We are already working on the plans.  She has done another scrappy one from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  This one was a mystery (I think) Called Orca Bay.  I saw it on Bonnie's site but couldn't tell how she quilted it.  At first Francis wanted feathers.  I really hated to see someone pay extra for the quilting that you just aren't going to see.  I've given her a few other ideas and when we get together on Sunday we can talk some more.  Looking forward to my time with her...she is a really sweet lady and I love her dearly!

Ok off to town to buy some slip fabric for this dang dress.  I swear TOMORROW it will be done!

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