Monday, April 9, 2012

How I spent my Easter Sunday.

Twas a wonderful holiday - With our family just getting back from a long trip on a bus to another just leaving to meet a friend in Columbus - we opted for a dinner out on Saturday night and called it EASTER!

And so with no dinner to cook - and no house to clean...I took off Judy's backing and loaded up Aggie's niece's 16th birthday quilt.!  Squiggy was WONDERFUL...he buried the threads like a pro!  He did bulk a little at going through some tough seams...but we worked together to produce THIS

Some one is a VERY lucky 16 yr. old.  I believe I got a timex watch and a suit case for mine.  Funny what sticks in your head when you turn 16.  

  I had a variegated red thread that worked so well with it that you would have thought I bought it JUST for this quilt!  Aggie said a panto would be fine.  I choose the feathered one - it works so well when your quilt has lots of angles.  This quilt had a LOT of angles.  I wonder just how many hst there is in it?  I should ask.

Here is the backing.  Don't you LOVE those feathers?  It makes it so light looking.  And SEE how well Squiggy buried the nubs!  Way to go Squiggy!

Aggie loves her pieced backings.  (I'm getting better at centering them- one of Aggie's...well we won't discuss that!) I love this backing it just makes the quilt almost reversible.!  Nice Job Aggie.  I hope you like it when you see it.  If not send it back I'll take it!  I'll be shipping this one off to you tomorrow.

I believe I'll take a day off to stain our front Maybe I'll blog about THAT!

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