Saturday, April 7, 2012

Picking at friends.

Have you ever had that customer who can't make up her mind?  I do believe I have welcomed the MASTER.  I am working on a BEAUTIFUL machine embroidered top (you know the one - the blue and white pictures I posted last week) The owner is a dear friend - she makes me laugh a retreats, makes me feel welcomed in her home for fun sewing days, and makes me feel that I am a true friend of hers.  I love her dearly.  BUT as in all relationships there comes a day when you have to say WHAT THE.......

As you know I have two tops to finish by deadlines.  I tried to get a hold of Aggie to decide on beige bobbin thread or red.  Yes, it was a top notch crisis for me.  (no not really - just pulling your leg) Thinking about what I would want if it were mine.  I figured Red.  So I was set to order some on line and decided while waiting for it to be delivered I knew I could finish my friend Judy's.  Loaded up the backing and realized Judy has a 12" HOLY COW Batman!  I don't believe I've ever worked on one so wide.  What to do - - - what to DO!  Plans when on "pause".  I had envisioned points in cross hatching.  I emailed pictures back and forth to Judy - she said she wanted hers "JUST like Mary Helen's"  (remember those words) Mary Helen's had a lot of McTavishing and Feathers.  So this was all do-able for me.  The sashing was to have feathers in them.  I decided the best (and fastest) would be to do the long sashing across the frame (which meant the seam for the backing was running vertical.  - not the best but I'd work with it) I asked - white thread or blue.  First white - then medium - then I don't know.  Then no McTavishing (remember those words?) - and more feathers. Like those on the right.  (I love Paint and email).  

Then Judy went into her little corner of the world (her sewing room) and found a GREAT stencil that will work well in her borders.  (the plan IS coming together) But I have to wait until we get together to get the stencil and mark her border THEN put it on the frame to quilt.

The plan now is to take off her backing - load up Aggie's.  BLESS Aggie's heart - she said she thought the beige thread will be fine and to go for it!  Judy and I might wait until after the Paducah Quilt show - we can look for thread - we can look at stencils - and I can PICK at her!  Only good friends can do this to each other!

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Sandy said...

It always comes together eventually, doesn't it? I think you have another beauty on your hands.