Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on what I've done

Finish up some loose ends.  The Wedding Dress is waiting for the final fitting.  Bridesmaid is coming tomorrow to try on hers and
HOPEFULLY It FITS, it's the right length and she is happy!
I've also finished up a "Prize" from the guild.  I donated a prize that I would quilt a small top for the winner.  Winner gave me her top a few weeks ago and I returned it today.

We trekked into Paducah today and drove by the Bubble!  Would you believe they were pressure washing it!
See the Cherry-picker?  The lift on the right side.  There was a fellow in the manlift with a scrub brush on the end of a long pole...a VERY long pole - scrubbing off the storage dirt.  SOME people say that it is ugly - to me I can't wait to hit the vendors inside it!  I'm just please that we aren't having the rainy season we had last year.

I went to Hancocks and got the battings I'll need for Aggie's, Judy's and MAYBE one of mine!  I'm so far behind my 12 for '12.  I've got a retreat coming up and plan on making log cabins out of blues and whites.  Perfect for the rest of the Icy blue star blocks I have left from a swap about 4 years ago.  I'll get pictures of Aggie's for you tomorrow - Once I hear from her on the color of the bobbin thread.  Hancocks didn't have any red bottom line.  Bummer!

So are any of you coming to Paducah for the show?  I'd love to meet up with you.  


shannon said...

i'll be there....

Sandy said...

And I can't wait to SEE you there!