Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New Blogger and the Old woman

Lately I've been having some computer ISSUES...like this web page is unavailable.  time and time again... Finally yesterday I had had enough and took measures into my own hands.  Funny how things work out better when you actually take the bull by the horns, twist them off, and mount them over your fireplace...OH and get the malware out of your computer and how much better things work.  THEN after all that I find that Blogger has changed their format.  I could NOT for the life of me figure out WHERE the posting sections was.  Searched...watched their video...but when I clicked on the dashboard...nothing was there.  SIGH the old woman inside me was hating computers.  When the light bulb went off.  I was under the wrong name.  Once I got into Sewbee mode...I was good to go!  Thank you Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb.

So, Snowy days is home with Roxanne.  She loves it...and will spend the next year and a half burying all my threads!  THEN the following 6 months to add snowflakes and her own hand quilting.  I think sometime late in 2014 we will see the finished product.

I've worked myself out of paying jobs.  I have one tshirt quilt that I decided NOW was a good time.  I had a good feeling while doing the rows of sashing...like having Jason smiling down on my progress.  Since I have some new followers I'll tell this story once again.  Rachael, her Mom and younger brother moved on our street when Rachael and Seth were VERY young...maybe 6 and 10 or so.  We watched the kids grow up, Rachael graduated high school went on to college, met Jason married, and last year tragedy happened.  Jason was killed in an accident.  I told Rachael that when she was ready - we would meet and I'd get some of her husbands tshirts and make her a quilt.  The Ray of sunshine in her life is that in July her daughter will be born.  Jason will, forever be his daughter's guardian angel.

Wanda has sent me the tracking # for her quilts coming from Alaska.  Every night I'll check the progress as they have left Anchorage and making their way toward Kentucky.  This is SO exciting.!!!
OH I forgot I promised Wanda I'd post some pictures and have you all vote...Here is Wanda's totally awesome quilt she is sending me

So PRETTY!  now this is the pattern stitch she is thinking of:


BUT I also have these pantos I could use 

B:    Feathers   

  C:  Lorien Fantasia

 D: Bouquet

If you'd like to vote...just comment to me with either A; B; C; or D;

Thanks for joining me...I'll post pictures of the tshirt quilt tomorrow - along with an Alaskan update!


Sue Schoch said...

C can't go wrong with that panto.

Heather said...

I like C too!


I like all of those panatos! Where do you get them. I've got a little extra money to spend and was thinking about getting a few more.