Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday afternoon at 1:26

DONE!!!  The snow storm has ended...and it is a beautiful sight...behold:

Here are some close ups of the final row.  I think I have about 15 hours in it...I really need to keep track of hours better.  I just go start quilting - stop when I need a break.  Now to let Roxanne you think she will like it?

I guess I'd call that "HEAVILY" quilted - wouldn't you?

So now it is break time - no quilts are here and ready for quilting.  I did get the sashing and border fabric for Rachael's tshirt quilt.  So I think I'll work on that.  And we are waiting on Wanda to send me hers.  I'm really excited about doing a quilt from Alaska.  I know it isn't any different than a Kentucky one - BUT I think it is special!!!!!  Ok off to let Roxanne know.  Stay tuned for More Quilting!


Wanda said...

This is gorgeous. I am thinking I will keep this in mind if I ever get mine done. I have the pattern, just need to get to tracing and cutting, but I have two other embroidery ones in progress also. I think I should finish one first.
Heading out to the UPS store in a bit to get my quilt in the mail to you from Alaska.

Heather said...


Bonnie said...

It's gorgeous Shirley!!!

Shirley J said...

Thank you Wanda - I'll track your package and let you know when it arrives.

Thank you Heather - you are one of my best supporters...TY TY TY

Oh Bonnie - (I'm blushing) Thank you so much!

Sandy said...

That is really beautiful!

grandmarockton said...

LOVE it!