Thursday, May 17, 2012

Half Way Home

I took yesterday off - I am one of these people who can not tolerate some foods, med, etc.  Every time I get put on to something new I have a reaction and usually I am the one who has to figure out what it is.  A few years back I found out that Coke Zero and me did not agree...after MONTHS of going to the doctor for this/that..try this...stop that now try this...a girl on one of my quilting sites said she didn't want to pry - but what was I drinking...Coke Zero really bothered her stomach...I looked at what I had in my hand...sure enough...Coke Zero.  I stopped drinking that (and anything with sweetener in it) and stopped all the medications and got better in just days!  About 2 weeks ago the dr. put me on a supplement.  At first I felt better...then no different...then not so good and yesterday HORRIBLE...I looked at the ingredients...sure enough it has a sweetener in it..."all natural" one, but still a sweetener.  Today I didn't take it and feel much better.  So anyone of you out there having stomach issues...What are you drinking?

Since I had a day off I felt guilty enough to get down there and work on Roxanne's quilt for a couple of hours.  I'm about to the 1/2 way point and should finish it up over the weekend.  It's looking NICE.  I STILL want to do something in those trees!  But Roxanne has convinced me Not to!  She said she will had sew some tiny snowflakes in there.  And she wants to bury all the start/stop threads.  I admit this is my first quilt of leaving tails...It's hard for me - every time I look at it I want to clip those threads.  If I have the scissors in my hand I REALLY have to stop myself!  lol

So here is the next row.  I admit...all those blowing "wind" and snow lines really take time...but I think the end results will be worth it.

 I rode out to a LQS called Back Yard Fabrics.  It is a good hike for me (now) but it is the cutest little shop.  I needed to buy some sashing and border fabric for a T-shirt quilt.  I think I made a good choice.  I got to meet a VERY nice lady who was filling in for the owner.  We chatted and come to find out her son is married to the daughter of the fellow who will build our new house next year (or sooner)  Her husband and son did the brick work on this house (and our new one to) and is really nice.  I hope to chat with her more after we build and move.  Ok Back to break (extended one) is over.  See ya later Chickies!


Heather said...

Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

grandmarockton said...

What is the name of the QUILT your quilting? Would love to see whole thing