Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Progress on the Snowy Days

Finished the 1st row across (blowing winds) yesterday afternoon - today I reached the embroidery blocks.  I did one and have sent these pictures to Roxanne for approval.  I did pick out one thing - she said now swirls around the steeple...picky picky picky...no not Roxanne - it's what I did this morning PICKY out the stitchie!

update: red is what Roxanne's comments were:

"will there be more lines to the left?"  Reply YES

Not sure why this one ended up in this direction...looks fine in my album...SO your exercise for today is to tip your head to your left shoulder....SEE don't you feel better?  I have your health at heart today.  (lol)

"will there be more between the trees to the right? "  CAN BE  THERE WILL JUST BE 2 MORE ENDS FOR YOU TO TUCK IN 

"below the church sign is a kind of open area to the left.  Could the curve come back to almost the tip of the embroidery line on the extreme left before it curves back to the right?  HOW ABOUT A SEPARATE (INNIE) LINES WITHIN THAT AREA?"

I had 2 swirls around the steeple - now I have one with some snowy lines instead.  I'm thinking the roof needs some snowy lines to...Roxanne said not to do any lines IN the embroidery - that she might do some hand quilting when it comes back to her.  (To me - in my humble opinion) the church needs to be tamed with some quilting lines.  But Roxanne is my "boss of the week" and what she wants is what she gets!

Ok off to check my email to see if Roxanne gave me a thumbs up or an thumbs down

I guess I got a double...a few Thumbs up and I guess no real Thumbs down.  I'm off to work some more and wait for a reply to my reply....which will result in another reply ....rofl  So Reply THIS...have a great day!  hugs to all

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Factory To You Furniture said...

Are you done yet? I want to see the whole quilt! LOL!