Monday, May 14, 2012

Snow on the horizon

Yep - see that snowy cloud down there?  It's a snowy day in my sewing "cave".  All weekend Roxanne and I finalized what she was looking for.  The batting arrived (thanks to Hancocks free shipping in honor of Mother's day) and I loaded it up this morning.  Filled Bobbins...and took off in a snow drift.

Here is what I did this morning.

We have decided to transition from the "blowing wind" to horizontal snow lines but only in the embroidery blocks.  Tomorrow I'll be having a full time job "shoveling snow"

My blog is working!  A little while ago I received a very nice Email from a lady in Alaska.  I thought WOW !!  this is so cool!  (no not Alaska - I know it is cold up there) She asked if I would accept a new client.  (Do Caribou live in Alaska?)  I politely said "yes" and sent her my sheet with information on it. Then the lines went I assumed that Wanda found a quilter in Alaska.  BUT Out of the blue Wanda emailed me that she had gotten busy - (dang work!  It gets in the way of our habit) and that she had finally finished it.  She told me a lovely story that this quilt was made for her cousin - who is more like a sister... And sent me this picture.

Doesn't this look like a FUN pattern? I'm not quite sure if we will do a panto (I bought 2 new ones at Paducah) or she mentioned the Heart free style I did on Angie's.  It all depends on how dense (no not ME silly!) she would like to have the quilting.  I'm smiling JUST looking at this picture.  I really REALLY like it!  

So come on back tomorrow and I'll post another picture of the Snow Storm in the Cave.  


Heather said...

Can't wait to see a picture of the whole quilt when it is done! Love the quilting! You do awesome work!

Wanda said...

Wow! I feel famous. Glad my cousin does not read quilting blogs other than mine since she is not a quilter. I hope to get the quilt in the mail tomorrow.