Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snowy Days

Here WE GO again!  Roxanne and I have just started the brain storming process.  Here is here quilt top it is an AMAZING combination of piecing blocks and hand embroidery.  See the middle ring of embroidery?  It, creatively, spreads into the pieced blocks.  Now THIS will be hard to give back.

Those fine white horizontal lines are done in the computer program paint.  I find that listening to a customer ideas...then going into Paint and (ROUGHLY) doing it - gives them the opportunity to SEE it.  This way I have headed off a few disasters.  I find my customers appreciate this method and are much more satisfied with the results of their quilt  

Ok off to check my emails to see what Roxanne has to say about the last picture I sent her.  


Bonnie said...

I'm really going to like this one when you get it quilted Shirley, and I think it should live with my "WinterWonderland" and "Over The River" that I'm working on now. LOL. But, I bet it is hard to give them back. can't wait to see it.

Shirley J said...

I so agree with you Bonnie - BUT one difference - I think your over the river and winter wonderland should come live with snowy days at MY HOUSE!