Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good News!

WOOOHOOO!  My first attempt to ship work back to their owner in ALASKA went fine!  I was a little worried.  I love using UPS because of their tracking abilities.  BUT shipping to Alaska was very cost prohibited!  So I looked into times I've had mixed reviews using them.  BUT this time it was an amazing experience.  I worried because Wanda was on vacation and I worried that they would not be home when her quilts arrived AND I worried that they would be delivered when no one was there.  Don't you love it when a plan comes together?  I mailed her quilts back using Priority Mail with tracking.  OMG they made it home in 3 days!!!!!!!  I was in shock.  Wanda got home the day before and eased my mind by telling me she HAD put a stop on her mail.  So all was good.  I received this message from her last week:

They came out beautifully. I am anxious to get the bindings on this weekend so I can ship them out to the recipients, who will be very surprised when they arrive.

click on the picture to see what Wanda says about them on her blog.

 Thank you for the beautiful job you did on the quilting. I am sure I will be sending more your way in the future, I just have to get some tops done.

You ARE more than Welcome, Wanda.  I totally enjoyed our experience and I hope we can collaborate on more of your tops in the future. 

Wednesday I'm off to a quilting retreat in St. Louis.  I'm excited.  I LOVE these ladies - about 30 in all come to this retreat.  We have a BALL...we sew, we laugh, we giggle, we sew...we totally enjoy each other's company.  So I'll return on Sunday with stories and pictures...I hope you come back next week.  

And don't forget to check out Wanda's blog.



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