Thursday, June 14, 2012

Off and Running

I know I've been super quiet lately...but Squiggy is out of work, I finished my Crazy quilt blocks and I have a retreat to gather up stuff for.  This year the Retreat that I go to has a "Garden Party" theme.  Everyone (but me) is making or wearing a Fasinator hat.  (remember the royal wedding?) I have a "special" costume to wear.  I have a dear friend who will be Mother Nature - and I made a white picket fence that I HOPE will be full of flowers.

The ladies can write little messages and attach them to their flowers.  Then on Saturday night - Mother Nature and her "off springs" will entertain the quilters.  It's going to be a lot of fun and you'll want to come back again in a week or so (after the 24th) and see pictures.  I hope they laugh a lot!  It's the most fun to hear laughter at a retreat!

I've taken 3 UFOs with me - with hopes I'll get one or two into tops.  I will be taking:
Pineapple blocks - to put into a top and have borders cut to.
Stonehedge blocks from a jelly roll - hope to have them in a top - Have fab. for borders but want to wait until the top is done to see which ones I like the best.
Lots of Blues & Whites to make log cabin blocks to set with my Icy Star blocks.
A kit of a casserole carrier I want to make Christmas and fall ones for the bazaar.
Material for 2 pillow cases for charity.

Hope I don't run out of things to do...hahaha (only going to be sewing Wed -

UPDATE on Wanda's 2 quilts.  They were mailed off on Monday and I checked this morning they are in Anchorage!  I can't wait to hear from her tomorrow!  I sure hope she likes the quilting on them.  Working with Wanda has been wonderful.  We have solved any problems that were put in front of us.  We worked through Wanda being on vacation...worked through UPS wanting$90.00 to ship them back AND I hope we have created a new friendship between the two of us!  HUGS to Wanda!

I'll post again when Wanda let's me know and just before I leave next Wed. morning.  CYA!


Heather said...

Hope you get lots done Shirley!! Have fun!!!!!!

Wanda said...

They arrived at my house today and are beautiful. I already have the border machine stitched to the front of the strip quilt and will work on the hand stitching later. I also have the border pieced for the hearts and hope to get it pressed and sewn on to the front tomorrow. Planning to take both to show off to my friends when we meet for lunch tomorrow.