Saturday, June 2, 2012


First of all, to finish a tale, I gave Racheal her quilt yesterday - and need I say more than this picture does?

I have a feeling she slept under it last night.  Funny - it has been in the 80* & 90* - we broke records last weekend.  Hot and HUMID....and yesterday - when I gave it to her - the temperatures dropped...almost record lows...We opened windows last night - temperature dropped to around 50*...and Racheal had JUST received her quilt made from her loving husbands t-shirts.  I think someone wanted her to sleep under it last night.  I hope she slept well....Luv Ya Racheal!

And so I worked on a new client's quilt.  I loaded up and worked on Wanda's Black and Red hearts.  This quilt is going to a family member who loves quilts but doesn't own one...Wanda is changing that factor...  I LOVED working on this.  I have to say the wide border "could" have caused problems.  Sometimes when you have a wide one they tend to become distorted...NOT in this case.  Wanda - your piecing was terrific!!!  I have to say that everything lined up and quilted beautifully!  No puckers, no ripples, just laid nice and straight...GOOD JOB LADY!

I really REALLY enjoyed working on your quilt Wanda - and just in case - your cousin doesn't like it...I'll TAKE IT!  I'm yelling "dibbies" right now... 


Anonymous said...

Love the hearts quilt. Beautiful.
Hugs, Ellen

Wanda said...

I like it. Can't wait tosee it in person when the quilt and I both get back to my house