Sunday, June 3, 2012

Strips gone wild!

Yesterday I loaded Wanda's strip quilt.  You know the one where you take a Jelly roll and sew all the ends together?  I think it is called the 1600 yd. quilt...or something like that.  They are LOADS of fun to make (we had a race doing these at a retreat...I WON!...made mine in like 16 min of course all the ends were sewn together first)  Anyway - Back to Wanda's...hers is AWESOME...bright fun colors with a butterfly border...super Pretty!  I worked on it some yesterday - then again today...when it HIT ME...

here is the panto I used..
And here is her border....

I think the panto looks like a butterfly wing!  OK is it just me or do you see like a monarch wing in there....huh come on work with me here! 

So here is her strip quilt...perfectly done - just like her heart one!

And here are some close ups..

We are all set to ship these back to soon as Wanda gives me the heads up that they are home.  THANKS Wanda - I so enjoyed working with you and sure hope we get to do this again.


Wanda said...

I love it!


It looks great!... called a jelly roll race!
what is the name of that panto and where did you get it?

Wanda said...

I finally finished embroidering the label and plan to put it on this weekend so I can get the quilt in the mail. With all the biking we have been doing, I have not gotten in much sewing time.