Saturday, July 28, 2012

I was WRONG!

And I admit it!  Carol said she wanted McTavishing her her Wildlife quilt.  At first I thought it would over power her beautiful PP animals and wildlife...She won me over after the 1st block!  the quilt is AMAZING!  I know she is going to love it....that is IF Roxanne gives it to her.  I might have to call her and tell her Roxanne has it...just in case Roxanne thinks about keeping it! 

This is such a cool pattern that any one who enjoys the outdoors would LOVE this for a quilt.  Carol did amazing paper piecing.  And I added a tad bit of whimsy to it.  I hope she didn't mind....check out a few more blocks.  I'm going to put all of them into a Photobucket album and add a link  Here  for all of you to check out her blocks.  What a FUN quilt (did I say that before?)

Notice instead of McTavishing I did a water pattern...
NOW check out the bubbles

Yep more bubbles on more fish...but.....
How COOL is this duck and fishies!

I thought the birds couldn't sit on McTavishing - so I made some "tree bark"
Sort of realistic I think....

 I think my favorite block could be the bear...No I think the hummingbird...No the cat...HEY where was the dog???  

So now my goal is to load up Sally's (from Alaska) and once Sally tells me her thread choice - we will be OFF and Quilting!  Have a good weekend all of you...hope you are happy!


Sandy said...

Very nice work, as usual!

Heather said...

As always your quilting is AMAZING!!!