Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Beauty is going home....

I think I told you all last Friday how I loved it when a plan came together.  I finished Carol's wildlife quilt and got one from Sally in Alaska the next day.  Well Sally's was a JOY to work on.  When someone pieces like Sally does, and everything is pressed so nicely, and everything lays so nice and flat.  Everything just goes so well...and I finished it and I'm so happy with it. 

I used the feather panto (which is back to being my favorite) and her stars are blue and yellow so she picked the blue and yellow variegated thread that I have on hand.  SEE everything came together for the perfect quilting experience.  The quilt top was gorgeous, I had the batting and thread...and I'm just so pleased with the results.

Sally - I'm going to mail it back to you either tomorrow or Friday - I hope you like it!  If not...please send it back to me - cause I LOVE IT!

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Heather said...

As always, beautiful quilting on a beautiful quilt!!