Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Challenge

Good Saturday Morning to you all!

I worked on another top yesterday.  GEEZE the backing was the exact same size as the quilt top.  Talk about a PITA!  The seams were not pressed nice and flat.  You'd think these people would know what a STEAM IRON is used for!  I thought it was going to be horrible.  But it turned out pretty good.  I hope this chick appreciates me and what I've done for her. 

Ya know - sometimes you just can't get it across to some people that backings need to be LARGER than your top so I can clip my clamps to it.  Sometimes people don't listen to their own words.  I swear if I only had a brain!  YES this one is MY quilt!  and you'd THINK I'd know better.  LOL I bet you were all thinking - WOW what a jerk!  I'm never sending my quilts to her!  I admit - I was in a hurry - I couldn't load up my big project and I wanted to do something of my own.  This one is small - I'm going to use it for Christmas.  I had a small pc. of backing fab. I could cut and use and it was still too short - so I added the gold from the borders to one end to make it longer..that worked but the width was JUST dead on...I thought - well if I had to I'll cut the border down...but I'm mean DEAD ON!  I really didn't have to trim anything on the one side! 

So rest assured I'll never talk about a customer quilt like this...but I DID Learn what happens when your backing isn't 6" larger than the top....Lesson Learned...


Sandy said...

You are so funny! I recognized the quilt right away as one I saw you working on at retreat so I was able to smile through the whole post. Cute! (Now don't don't that again!)

Heather said...

Shirley you crack me up!!