Monday, July 23, 2012

Sandy was right!

Yesterday I asked what to one responded...????  hmmmm....  BUT Sandy finally did - she said you were all afraid to tell me what to do....but being the brave friend she is ... she told me to work on the one thing I could finish quickly - SHE KNOWS ME!  I need a sense of accomplishment.  So I worked on piecing the wall hanging.  I already had cut the tshirts.  So I cut the borders.  WHAT I forgot was I enlarged the center to 17.5 not 15.5.  I zipped through cutting the checker flag fabric - only to have it too small.  Good thing I bought a yard of it.  I was planning on using the other half to do the much for THAT idea.  REcut the borders - added them and the final black and
TADA!  top was finished. 

This morning a girl in our new FB group said she had cleaned her room (mine SO desperately needs it) so I went down to do that.  I thought for a moment that since I needed to clean off the ends from the last quilt...I'd do that...and gee it was cleaned off so I loaded the wall hanging.  Well I did need to adjust the tension so I'd be all ready to start quilting it...and gosh it was going well - no sense tempting fate I might as well quilt it.  I had this idea for the rod pocket...and since it was all quilted I could take it off the frame and SEE if my idea would work.  Gosh sakes it worked well - so I had that done - and I had cut off the excess fab from the backing I could use that for the binding - Iron was hot so I pressed it - hmmm might as well sew it to the back...DANG so close to being done I'll just top stitch the binding and ...................


I guess I should clean more often.  haha


Heather said...

The quilt looks great!!!

Sandy said...

I really like that, and even better -- it's done!! My oldest grandson was reading over my shoulder and said, "Oh, wow! Is that a quilt!?!" He really likes it, too!!