Sunday, July 22, 2012

WHAT to do FIRST???

Projects are being to stack up around me!!!

I have the Make Me Pretty quilt to load
I have to work on and plan a Mystery for the Quilt Room on Facebook 1/2 of block As are done!
Pictures for the clue are done...just need to write them up and do another 9 blocks!!  woohoo
I have a Finish Line Wall Hanging to work on It is a TOP!  I'll quilt it tomorrow and make the rod pocket!
I have 2 lap quilts to make for Rachael  I looked at them...does that count?
I have to start another project for this week's Olympics...the goals were suppose to be UFOs I'm wondering if I can exchange one for one of the tshirt lap quilts I have to do...???  Do you think anyone would notice?

What should I do?????  Tell me tell me true!  What should I do?


Sandy said...

Since nobody is brave enough to tell you, I will jump in. Do the one that you can complete the fastest! Then you will feel like you accomplished something!

Heather said...

What Sandy said! Or you can sew the borders onto my SBS.