Monday, August 6, 2012

HUGE success!

Well Squiggy was quite the gentleman!  He made sure that Roxanne and Judy were PUTTY in his hand controls.  He would glide them to places they never have been before.  We all had so much fun!  AND were productive to!  At first I had some scrap fabric on the frame and we played.  The DID take turns and they WERE kind to each other.

SEE - LOOK - the intent on Roxanne's face...the Awe on Judy's!!!

Judy "let" Roxanne play

Then we switched and figured we would put a CASA quilt on the frame and quilt that one.

Judy had a turn at making Leaves...or they were suppose to be leaves.

She was doing so well UNTIL All hell broke loose...
Roxanne wanted a turn...Judy said NO she wasn't done yet...and this followed!

GIRLS GIRLS!!!!  There is 12 FOOT of Squiggy to go around!!  Surely that's enough!

Lunch was great - company even better...BEST Part is a child in the CASA program gets a new quilt!

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Sandy said...

Looks like fun. Next time I want to come over and play!