Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where was I?

Did you think I ran away?  Forgot where I was? or Decided to do something else?  Ponder life as it is?  Or have a bad case of the DeadA**?  It was the last one.  I don't know what happened but Man I could NOT get motivated.  It happens...and we just move on.

I picked up 3 more quilts in the past week...and have had an email asking me to meet up with a group of ladies from Paducah.  So I guess that was my motivation...I better get that tushie in gear!   I have emailed one gal twice - before she left the house she said "do what ever you think works" so I'm about to "do what I think is best" on hers.  I did manage to move the antique blocks from upstairs to the sewing cave.  I did get a FB message on which sashing would like on her tshirt one.  And I finished the one I picked up today.  OK Before you jump to conclusions - this was a small wall hanging and I knew I could finish it down! 

This one has a VERY special meaning to me.  It was a UFO from a guild member who is looking down at us from Quilters Heaven.  Margaret sat with me for lunch one year when we went to the quilt show in Nashville (been a while) Our grandson had just been diagnosed with Diabetes.  Margaret had it to and took the time to talk with me about the disease.  She made a huge impact..I'm very appreciative for the time she took to talk to me.  Unfortunately we didn't have another chance.  I hope she is smiling at how I quilted her wall hanging.   <3 Miss you!!

This past weekend our Facebook Group - called The Quilting Room - had our first mystery.  It was short and sweet.  We only had 3 clues!  One Over (WAY OVER) Achiever completely finished her quilt - no not just the top..she quilted it AND did the binding!!!!  (way WAY over huh?) I have really enjoyed seeing the same quilt in such wonderfully different versions!  Here is mine

And so - My case of the DeadA** has ended!  On to another Project!!


Heather said...

Love the quilting!! And your mystery is beautiful!!

Sandy said...

Boy, when you get it in gear you REALLY get it in gear! Everything looks great as always!