Friday, August 17, 2012

NEW PROJECT - my first Vintage one.

A few weeks ago I meet up with a lady who wanted some blocks her Mom's family had embroidered put into a quilt.  She does not sew - doesn't know a thing about it.  But her Mom has Alzheimer and she just wants it done for her.  Her Mom will not know.  We picked out fabric for the border and sashing and yesterday I started to trim the blocks.  Right away I hit snags.  Some of the embroidery was RIGHT to the edge.  I thought I could fudge some...but one was totally to the edge and the edges were frayed.  I put it aside and patted the block asked Moila if she'd help me come up with an idea.  After all the blocks were trimmed I went back to hers.  I thought Maybe I could add some muslin around it.  Tried and didn't sew over the bird's tail.  When I turn it I sort of pushed the tail to the right side.  It sort of formed it's own facing that I thought I could blind stitch it by hand.  I did all 3 sides and realize it was now 1/2" larger than the other blocks.  Back to my thinking cap.  I started sewing sashing on to the other blocks - got to the last row when it hit me.  Why not use the sashing material instead of muslin!!!!!!!!!!!  Well DUH that worked great. 

Here is Sondra's vintage quilt.  The blocks are into rows  Tomorrow I'll put the sashing & corner stones together. 

Sondra's Mom's quilt...check out the date...1936!

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