Sunday, August 19, 2012

Productive morning!

Yepper it was head for the border day.  I had 2 quilts that all they needed was the outside border.  Even had the fabric cut for them....How organized is THAT!

First one was the vintage quilt...

You saw the picture of the rows it is all done...It's a top now
I have to admit I think this is so awesome!  I think I'd love it ... cherish it....and keep it forever.  But I have to quilt it....bind it....and give it back.  SIGH!

This is my favorite block.  This Satin Stitch is done by is not machine embroider!  How delicate is this block?

AND how about those corners?  I have to pat myself on the back...DANG I did good!

Remember the tshirt quilt I did for Racheal?  Well this is the 2nd one which is going to go to Jason's mother for Christmas.  A quilt of her son's shirts...I know she will cry when she gets it.  But it will be very special to her.  (I have another to make from his sweat shirts for his dad)

While doing Sondra's vintage quilt I remembered some blocks I had from Bill's aunt.  I found them right away - and they were already put into a top.  I guess I need to quilt this one for our family.  I wish I knew when she pieced it...there were no children so I have no one to go to.  Sigh - I guess I need to finish more of my quilts and put DATES on them. 

LAST but not least!  Bill convinced me to go for a motorcycle ride today - bribed me with food.  Told me we would go for dinner...then just happened to have the place closed...and ended up next door for a BBQ sandwich...oh well I'm full...BUT this was my view all afternoon:

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grandmarockton said...

how can I get a quilt to you?