Thursday, September 13, 2012


We have all had those days...when nothing goes right.  JUST when you think you have it made BAM!  To the MOON Alice!  Well this was mine yesterday.  And here is the rest of the story:

I was quilting along on Marlane's batik quilt - After seeing it I decided the back was as pretty as the front and should be treated as well as the top.  So I decided to use the same thread ~ top and bottom so if she wanted to she could flip it.   I thought - Oh heck I have enough problem.  (mistake #1)  Moving ahead a day or two.  The bobbin thread was NOT going as far as I hoped and I began to worry about having enough thread.  But kept sewing MAYBE luck would be on my side (mistake #2)  Was probably on day 3 that I thought I would not have enough thread and by the end of the day on Friday (which was around noon) decided I would NOT have enough thread.  I called Superior threads cause I could not find that type - they changed the name - the did have it and would mail it our as soon as possible - I thanked her so much and felt relief come over me after hearing her say those words - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (mistake #3)  I believed the thread would be here around Tuesday...(mistake #4) and I could finish Marlanes before putting on Judy's.  Bill convinced me that since I was "dead in the water" I should go for it...and maybe luck would let me finish with inches of thread to spare ... I filled another bobbin and went to work.  Finished that row and  started the LAST ROW.. could I squeak this one out?  I held my breath....I even sucked in my stomach - holding it so tight (mistake #5 - holding your breath, constricting your stomach muscles have nothing to do with the amount of thread left on the cone) ~ the LAST row....even just a partial pattern .... the cone ran out. =(
 soooo sad - this was all that was left.

This quilt is a monster!  This is a queen size bed and it drags on the floor on the other side to

see where my fingers are - that is the width...and probably 5' to the end...=(
BUT the new cone would be here soon right?  (see mistake #3).  I go to track the thread on Monday - the end of the day - finally - I see they had just shipped it MONDAY!  Ok so by Thursday or Friday - as long as I had it by Saturday I could still get Judy's to her on next Tuesday.  I see the delivery date is NEXT MONDAY!  Did they ship it by donkey/???  I had no choice - I took off Marlane's and have loaded Judy's...  I should have Judy's done this weekend and can either do another waiting on the thread or load Marlane's with the anticipation that the thread will BE here on Monday - or that could be MISTAKE #6~~


Marcia McCaskill said...

Wow, sorry you are having this problem. Hope you do not have mistake #6.


Sandy said...

That is so frustrating. Sure is a pretty quilt, though!