Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer.

Can you believe it??  Hot temperatures, the humidity, the drought...and now...summer is over.  SIGH  We have a little result from Issac...just a medium size branch down.  Not anything serious...but it is something to write about.  lol

From WAAAAAAY up THERE!  can ya see it??

Any way we really didn't get much rain and the temperatures are Are muggy.  So this weekend our Internet groups (The Quilting Room on FB and Scrappy Quilters Anonymous on Yuku decided to have a "Bust A Kit" challenge.  If we had a kit sitting around - some didn't so we included Block of the Month (BOM) some didn't have that - PATTERN/Frabric..we ALL have those, we got to drag them out and work on them.  I honestly thought that the one and only Kit I had was hard.  It LOOKED hard.  So when I started it Saturday morning I HONESTLY thought it would take me longer.  Well, by Saturday afternoon I had it completed except for the border.  HONEST I thought it would take longer.  It's called Mexican Star.  I just can't believe how hard it looks and how easy it was to do!  The triangles on the corners get folded back to make a curve.  I'm thinking that I'll do this part as I quilt it.  Now that I see how fast and easy it was...and since I no longer have a room in Blue...I'm thinking of making another one IN my decor colors. 

So this is good bye to summer and Hello to Fall... 

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