Monday, October 15, 2012

YIPES it has been a month

I must have fallen off the face of the earth!  Goodness...but in my defense I have been busy!  I planned a neighborhood picnic down by the lake, I did fly to visit a friend, I did get to go to Des Moines quilt show, I have been sewing, and quilting and I did get EQ7 so I've been playing to! is what I've been doing..
A Saturday fun day from the Guild.  It's my first (but not my last) Bargello pattern.  This Wall hanging will turn into someone's Christmas present.

Another Designing Women project of ICE dying fabric.  It was a really FUN day!

Some of these silk chiffon scarves will go into the Guild's bazaar

A customer "monster" quilt. 

My Designing Women Project - we appliqued pots and vases then painted a shadow effect.  Mine isn't the greatest...but Hey it's my first time!

My Mexican Star wall hanging that has set on my shelf for at least 8 years!  I thought it was too hard to make and ended up finishing it - quilting and all in a weekend...silly ME!
My new Purse that Amy and I made during my visit.  We did this all from a PICTURE.  No pattern!

I've finished 2 Tshirt quilts for Racheal - they just need binding and labels...
This one is for Jason's Mom.

This one is for his Dad.  I think using the sweatshirts made this so totally unique

I've also finish 3 other quilts and more more to as you can see I've not been watching soap operas and eating bon bons...

Have a great Sewing Week!

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Sandy said...

You really have been busy! Everything looks great!!