Saturday, November 3, 2012

Productive week

I had a good week.  I'm knocking out my customer list!  Peg got hers back and Racheal got hers! 
On to the next! 

My list of finishes (for customers my list is still a list)
My friend Aggie wanted a special pattern...this one is for her son - she wanted "GO BAMA" and footballs!

Apparently I did so good she is finishing up another one and wants "GO DAWGS" on it for her nephew!  Hope to get this one and quilt it before the Christmas mailing rush hits.
Have a new customer, Aggie gave her daughter my name and I've just finished this beauty for Becca.
New customer, Martha, gave me her first quilt to do for his sister.  (Sorry about the position of the photos...there WERE right in my album and when I post them here they are laying on their sides. 


 I've also started on a photo quilt for our neighbor's daughter.  I worked on it in EQ first to get the design of what I thought I wanted (took 2 tries) Now I'm waiting for the photo fabric sheets to come in so I can print off more pictures!
This one HAS to be done by Christmas to!
Yesterday I worked on Ellen's Black and white one to!  I've finished hers and she is going to stop by on her way from New Mexico to pick them up (mailing off another one)
I got to use my most favorite free hand stippling with a heart (love the swirl in the heart)
AND SO...I think this catches me up.  OHHH I had one more - an awesome red/white log cabin from Jackie in California...BUT I must have had a brain fart cause I forgot to take pictures of it.  DUH it was in the package when I remembered.  Sorry Jackie - I can't blog with pictures about yours.  I promise a full page spread on the next one!  HUGS to California!
I'm off - hope you enjoy my Christmas rush!

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