Sunday, November 11, 2012

UGH I can't be sick!

UGH I feel like dog poop! (not really sure how dog poop feels but I'm not feeling so great) I have this cold and inner ear thing.  So I cough and feel wobbly all at the same time! 

I have a new quilt on the frame.  Frances has done a scrappy braided top.  We worked and worked on what to do.  She wanted feathers..."lots and lots" as she told me.  Well she is gonna get them!  She said "how about swirls in the colored braid."  Ok I can do that!  And finally - some sort of continuous line in the red squares.  Hmm I can do that to! 

So I started it yesterday and here is my version of what Frances wanted:

Frances says this is what she wants - so IF I can stop coughing long enough I'll work on it more today


grandmarockton said...

Take care of yourself!

Wanda said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I am busy trying to finish some tops to send you sometime after the new year starts. Having trouble with a trigger finger and having surgery next month so at the moment am trying to get several things cut so I can at least machine sew even if I cannot use the rotary cutter and ruler. Definitely no hand stitching for a while.