Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review of some pictures

I'm starting a Facebook Page and wanted pictures from last year.  I hope you don't mind - but I have to post them here and I'll delete them after I move these to Facebook.  SO SORRY! 
I promise to be back in the blog mood this week.  I hear that some of  you missed me!  rofl!  I have a lot to catch you up on...but for now I have to copy these pictures! I just deleted 140xxx pictures and transferred them to my new Facebook page...if you are interested in checking it out (and Liking it to please)  follow the link below...
Just what I need - I can't keep up with blogging and now I have a Facebook page.  ROFL
So where have you been since November?  Ans: I've was sick for about 6 weeks.  I had to stop quilting when I felt a cough coming on....cough it out...then start up Squiggy again.  Oh what a time I had. 
So did you get any quilts done for other?  Ans: Yes over 20 of them between Nov and Christmas! 
Did your family get anything homemade?  Ans: Yes But only the gals got purses, or tote bags
 or wine totes.  (Pictures to come soon)
Did you have a Merry Christmas.  Ans.  Yes we did - thank you for asking.
Are you going to blog on a regular basis?  Ans. I hope to...but one never

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Wanda said...

Glad to see you back and heading over to FB to check out your pictures.