Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack

It was a wild end of 2012..  I had a deadline - but have learned that THIS year the cut off will be OCTOBER 1...not Nov. 31st.  I did over 20 quilts in 2 months...and THAT won't happen again!  We had a family crisis - that is now coming to an end.  And throw in getting that horrid cough that hung on for weeks and weeks!  THAT is why I've been MIA.

I guess I won't post pictures of quilts from Christmas.  I'll start off with a NEW YEAR and my new quilts.  I hope you enjoy....

Frances is My Favorite...  It was all because of her that I got Squiggy.  She is an amazing, lovely person.  2 years ago she paid me for a quilting job and said..."Put this in the bank for your new quilting machine" and thus my Squiggy fund was created.  Everything time I was paid for quilting I put it in the bank.  Then 18 months ago I took the plunge and bought an APQS Freedom.  BEST thing I have ever done for myself.  I LOVE that machine.  All my payments for quilting was put on paying him off.  December was my Last payment.  And guess who made the last payment on Squiggy...YEP Francis!

Funny - I ended the year with Frances and started the year with Frances!  She had a small wall hanging that was just as cute as a button.  She had a picture of how she wanted it quilted.  Last week I returned it to her and she said "OHHH It is Just like the picture!"  That was the nicest compliment!

I really love the green thread on ,, I've always stayed away from colored thread on white - for fear I'd make a mess.  But this is what Frances wanted...and I decided I needed to try.  I'm really quite pleased with the way it turned out!
Now I'm working on a Carpenter Star for Roxanne. 
The quilt is amazing.  And Roxanne wanted all feathers.  OMG can you say OMG!  Breathe Shirley BREATHE!!!  It's beautiful and it's BIG.  We worked together for about a week.  Trying this quilting pattern and that.  What to do in the corners...what about the the star in the center...and we finally have a plan.  I started on it today.  BREATHE Shirley Breathe!  Not much progress.  Ran into a couple "What ifs" But I think she will like it.  Here are the pictures that I sent to her and she said she More than likes it...she LOVES it.

So I'll close for now and promise to try harder to keep you all informed on "What's on the Frame?"  Have a wonderful evening.  See ya with more pictures from the Sewing Cave!

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