Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kathy's JellyRoll Quilt

Good morning (almost afternoon) and I'm still in my PJs.  Don't you LOVE those kind of days.  I know I do - and if I didn't have a cold and coughing I'd love it even more!  Yesterday I loaded up Kathy's quilt.  This one is for her Mom.  It's a labor of love - Kathy's mom is seriously ill and all prayers are graciously accepts.  Kathy tried to finish this one last November but a fall and surgery on her shoulder prevented her from completing it.  She has finished this one and a baby quilt and it was up to me to do the quilting. 

I used So Fine thread from Superior on the top (love that stuff!!) and Bottom Line in the Bobbin - they work so well together and give Squiggy and me no headaches.  I just finished using a panto on it and think they straight lines of the fabric work exceptionally well with the curves in the feathered panto. 

Need to hussle and do the Baby Quilt next!  I just received 2 boxes from Wanda - I'M OFF

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Wanda said...

Love the feathers. It looks beautiful on the back especially since the colors do not distract from the quilting lines. Praying for Kathy's Mom.