Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winging their way to Alaska

I finished Wanda's black and white quilt yesterday - We decided on using a panto...Wanda gave me to 2 top picks...I looked at them both "on top" of her did NOT call to me...and the other one yelled "PICK ME PICK ME".  Then thread...Wanda "thought" she wanted to make a statement - so I thought black thread...looking at it on the top...I just didn't like it.  I have a black/grey thread but that one competed with the print I stuck with the tried and true Plain Ole White...and it made a CLASSY statement.  At least I think so.

I spent the evening (last night) folding all 3 up and putting them into one large box.  It was rather expensive to ship them back the clerk said it was because the box was over sized.  When my husband had a great idea.  He suggested we get one of those space-saving bags that you suck the air out of them.  That way I could fit them into a smaller box and save money that way.  Some times men DO have good ideas! 
This evening I worked on the LAST block for Sophie.  I had 2 little blocks (that were stripes) going the wrong way.  In my head I knew exactly how to fix it.  Cut 2 more - cut off the corners (saving material) ONLY to realize I had cut apart 2 of the correct ones!  Of all the brain cells in my head I had to use one that was a dead cell!  lol  But all the blocks are done now...and next week I can add the sashing.
OH and I also made my Veggie/fruit block for the Retreat Quilt that I'm going to in the fall.
Not bad for a "non" productive day. 


Wanda said...

Love it! Where did you find the asparagus fabric? I need some. :)
Can't wait for my quilts to arrive back home. Working on making binding today so I will be ready to bind when they find their way home.

Wanda said...

They arrived safely here and are absolutely gorgeous. Thinking of heading over to the quilt store to trim them down and deciding on the binding for the coins in the fountain quilt. Have binding picked for the other two.