Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Wonderful Wanda Quilt

OH Take a look!  This quilt is adorable!  It's classy yet it has the wonderful sense of LOVE in it.  I think I found a thread that Squiggy didn't like.  But we worked together to make YLI and Superior bobbin find a common ground and work together.  I remember Angela telling me to never use a light bobbin with a dark top thread...and now I know why!  But the end result is AMAZING!  I bet you can't tell me you don't like it.  This one is one of those quilts that you like the minute you look at it!

I used a template and made a curved feathers around the border

I hope Wanda likes it...I think this is my favorite one of hers!


Sandy said...

She can't help but like it. You did a beautiful job.

Wanda said...

WOW!!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I know that my friend will love it. You did an awesome job Shirley. Can't wait to see it in person.

lovetostitch said...

I know she will love it also!! Beautiful quilting also, Shirley!!

Wanda said...

Everyone who has seen this one loves it. I am hoping to get it delivered this next week. Need to get the label on and it is ready to go. Waiting for the address for where my Aunt is currently staying for the Coins In the Fountain s I can get it in the mail to her.