Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's OUT for Delivery!

Yepper!  Kathy will get hers today AND Becca will receive her blue and yellow daisy one to!
Going to be an exciting day for 2 ladies...and I'm so happy I was a part of making them smile. 
Today I'm spending the day in my basement "cave" working on the 2nd quilt for Wanda.  I started it the other day - but came up on something I needed to have her "approve" lol she writes back "whatever you decide is fine with me...I trust you."  Awww wasn't that sweet!  So today I'll be working on it.  With luck I can finish it and move on to her 3rd one.  Since I picked up one from another Kathy yesterday at lunch!
Have a wonderful day - and I'm sending up a special prayer to my friend Wendy in Canada.  She is having surgery today and I pray that all goes well today!

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