Friday, March 15, 2013

A Great Week Sewing!

I had a GREAT week of sewing!  Boy do I feel good! 

Monday I headed into Paducah and picked up some backings on the sale table.  (with luck a few of mine will be quilted)

Tuesday I worked on my Stack and Whack Teapots!  Got that one done - up to the borders.

Wednesday I quilted Sophie's Big Girl quilt and I quilted Tim's T-shirt quilt.  Since I was on a roll -  I also finished Sophie's binding !! woohoo go me!

Thursday my neighbor came over to work on quilting her Christmas tree skirt.  (not sure if she is late or early?)  While she worked on Squiggy I worked on sewing borders and then worked (and finished) Tim's. 

After all that hard work it was good to see Marge have some fun

Tim was a good friend of my son's, who passed away last fall.  I took 9 of his tshirts and made this quilt for his finance, Kim.  She is planning on coming over this weekend to pick it up.  I think she will like it.  (I've done 4 of these quilts for people who have lost loved ones - and I hope and Pray I never have to make another one!)

Here is the label - While asking Kim what he liked, favorites, sayings, anything I could use - she wrote what she would like then said "and he used to call me his "bunny rabbit".  I love this picture and just seemed to call to me to use it. 

Today another neighbor is coming over to sew.  She wants to make a wine sleeve out of a sweater vest.  Ok.... should be interesting.  While she uses Laverne I'll load up the teapots on Squiggy.  I feel like I'm doing "musical machines"
Hope you all have a good weekend and may next week be as productive as this week!

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