Saturday, March 9, 2013


I delivered 2 quilts back to Phyllis....when she saw the leaves on the green 9 patch she patted the quilted blocks saying "Yes Yes!"  (I do believe I had a flash back to Meg Ryan restaurant scene)   She was so happy...which made ME happy.  I love it when I have a pleased customer - and a returning customer at that!

I posted on my Facebook page (Custom Quilting by Shirley Jackson) "In every creative process there comes a time to STOP....take a moment....and CLEAN (ugh)".  Yesterday I found the table!  Today I crawl into the "belly of the beast" ... Well maybe not the beast...but under Squiggy.  I need to clean up all the dust bunnies.  In my cleaning "episode" from yesterday (cleaned shelves & table) I found some blocks I've been looking for.  My mother-in-law embroidered these blocks but I have no idea when.  We found them when we cleaned out her home after her passing.  Now that my grandchildren (her great grands) are getting older, I remembered them...and thought about making 3 quilts.  I wanted to find them - share them equally (if I could) to make 3 wall hangings for when they get married and have children.  I FOUND and sound in a unmarked envelope.  I had seen this envelope but thought it was empty...I was SO HAPPY I looked into it yesterday.  I'm so pleased she made 12.  I can use 4 in each for the center.  I had thought about embroidering more blocks.  But rethinking.  I think it would be best to leave her blocks as the focus...and I will make quilt blocks to border her work.  I want this to be a cherish memory for my mother-in-law Anne Jackson

I'm excited about this project.  She was a wonderful mother-in-law.  I only wish I could do as good of a job as she did.  And now I can honor her memory with making a gift from her handwork!


Sandy said...

What a special project! I am so glad you found the blocks. Just goes to show that cleaning up once in a while might be a good thing! LOL

Wanda said...

This is a wonderful project idea an will be a truly lasting memory for them and for future generations.