Thursday, March 7, 2013

DONE!! And it is Beautiful!!!

Well I did it! I met my own personal goal. I told Phyllis I'd have them back to her in 2 weeks. AND I'll call her to see if we can meet up tomorrow. I am disappointed. I do wish I had used a different color thread. It really blends into the fabric. And the 9 patches are so busy - I didn't do much on them...but I really like the looks of it!!!

And NOW I'm all caught up!  I got a wide roll of paper I'm going to draw my own pantos.  I have started one and will use it on my March UFO Challenge.  I might actually get one done before our guild meeting in 2 weeks!  WOOOHOOO go me!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

You're right. It IS beautiful. I think if you had used a darker thread it would maybe be too much. I like it just like it is.