Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two New Quilts for Phyllis

I picked up 2 quilts from Phyllis at the Quilt Club meeting last week Monday.  I LOVE the first one Both are scrappy but it's the border that sets this on off...

The center is just stippled with a leaf pattern.  Simple BUT nothing shows cause it is so busy.  BUT it's the border.  I LOVE the echoing!
This week I started on the 2nd one.  It's a lovely and simple 9 patch scrappy one.  With a taupe rectangles that just sets the 9 patch blocks off! 

I did a simple Terry Twist in the 9 patches.  Was taking me forEVER to do one block at a time.  After 2 rows I figured out a way I can do 5 little blocks by alternating with the row below and above the center lonely 9 patch. 
Here is the border on the left.  It's VERY wide and I had no clue what to do.  My friend, Angela showed me this one.  I thought I could do it and it worked out well.  I'm afraid the taupe thread I used does not show up at all.  It blends right in with the fabric.  On the right is what I did in the rectangles.  Phyllis requested some sort of branch and leaf - like in the border ... I think I captured that... 
I hope Phyllis likes them both.

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