Thursday, April 11, 2013

All most time for............


This is the ONE time during the year that I get really excited!  And guess what I got in the mail a couple weeks ago.... A summons for jury duty...and when....DURING QUILT WEEK!  I have company coming, signed up for a class, and now this.  So my question is...would you want a disgruntle quilter on your jury panel?  After one visit to the court house and a 2 phone calls - I've been excused.  WHEW - the the planning begin!

I finish Phyllis's "last minute" quilt the other day - no more quilting until after the show.

This one was returned in 2 days - ONLY because of 2 factors...1) I didn't have any other quilts from others that were ahead of hers and 2) I wanted to get it out before the show I would hate to think of it sitting there waiting on me.  Phyllis was beyond happy when I called to say it was done!
My girlfriend, Sherry aka S.Belle, is COMING!  She hasn't been here in years and I'm totally excited about her and her hubby's visit.  She has come for the show before and we had SO MUCH FUN.  But this time we are taking an applique class together.  Pretty cool huh?  Being friends for over 30 years - still loving each others company - still missing each other since we moved to KY.  Says a LOT ...  I'm so excited...she just txt me...12 more days!  HOLY CRAP...I have to go clean!  See ya!

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