Sunday, April 7, 2013

Missed Encouragement Weekend

First weekend of the our group on Facebook.  We Encourage Each other...AKA we NAG!  And I totally forgot it!  So we decided to postpone it until next weekend.  So I was a slug.  All I did was quilt Roxanne Star quilt and my Hunter star.  What a slug!  I will try to do better next weekend for EW!!

Here is Roxanne's:
It was a swap on Carol Doak's Yahoo group. 
Quilted it with a simple stippling with a swirly heart (Appropriate since it will be a gift for her niece's wedding gift.)

The Back is almost as pretty as the front.

A totally wacky backing
And Here is MINE!
It was from a class I took so many years ago I can't remember when!  I thought it would be bigger.  Maybe it shrunk with


I used a panto to save time.  Since it was small I did it this afternoon.  No pieced backing for me.  This one was from Hancock on the sale table.  It works for me!

For a brief moment I was all caught up.  On Saturday the mailman delivered one from Aggie.  Saturday night I show pictures to Roxanne (I'll deliver it when we go to the guild meeting in 2 weeks) She told me by then she will have another UFO ready for me.  And THEN last night Phyllis called and we made arrangements to meet tomorrow for her to give me one of hers.  Well it WAS nice to be caught up...even if it was only for an hour or two.  lol 


SeeLifeMarvels said...

That IS a beautiful quilt. And I LOVE the variegated thread used for the quilting.

Wanda said...

Both of this are beautiful. I love the swirly hearts quilting pattern.