Thursday, April 4, 2013

Piece Makers Raffle Wall Hanging

This one is a group effort.  One gal hand dyed all the fabrics, another pieced the wall hanging, I quilted it, now handing back to Fran who will do the rod pocket and binding.  It really is exciting to be in a new group and have them accept me so easily. 

This one is a log cabin block but cut on 60* angles.  It's so pretty that I think I need to make one for myself.  With the Paducah show coming up I could easily find some f4 in hand dyed. 

Placement of the panto was a little difficult for me.  I wasn't sure where to start it to get the pattern in the center of the flower.  SO I started in the center then went back up and did the top row.  I didn't stitch down the top until I was sure.  I think I like seeing the rose in the center of the yellow flower.
 Here is the back - I just love the flower motif.  When I do mine I will use this panto again.  Love it!

I also did a tshirt quilt...sorry no pictures I forgot...and delivered to her yesterday.  She is a newbie and wanted the back to be soft - so she bought a knit was a lot like working with minky.  WOW did it ever stretch!  I wasn't sure which way to put the most stretch - cross wise or length wise.  I ended up putting it length wise and it stretched a good 8 to 10 inches.  Not sure how it will wash up...but I don't think I will ever quilt another one with a knit backing!

I'm now working on Roxanne's stars...I'm hoping to finish stuff before the Paducah show!

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Wanda said...

Love the quilting on this one.